Supercar Super car Japanese book - Supercar Full detail file

Supercar Super car Japanese book - Supercar Full detail file

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16 car model perfection records Ferrari, Lamborghini, the detail of the modern hot car including Aston Martin! !

History of 21st century super car

Supercar Battle
Hot car army corps of ニュル
Fantastic four

Enzo & MC12
Derivation models born from the same carbon monocoque

V8 Model
The main car models that I bet the prestige of each brand on gather

V12 Model
V12 flagship. Ultimate existence V10 where anyone longs for, V6 and

Mook: Page 178
A publishing company: NEKO publishing (2008/2/26)
A language: Japanese
Condition: USED(Very Good)
A sale date: 2008/2/26
Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 9.2 x 0.6 inches
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