Porsche Japanese book - All of the Porsche Boxster

Porsche Japanese book - All of the Porsche Boxster

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New Boxster which came all up in pulse-like form more of Porsche Boxster was rebeared to a really attractive mid ship opening sportscar. Boxster is 2.7L, and, as for the flat six, 265ps, Boxster S mark 315ps at 3.4L. It becomes all that I considered environmental performance such as the idling stop in direct-injection を newly-designed (3.4L is common with 911 Carrera basically) which I adopted. By a body and suspension of the exquisite setting that greatly improved rigidly, the first of the season is real kicks itself. I can taste the comfort such as the closed body if I close a hood to open and close with one switch. The design of an early taste and the inner decoration is the impression that improved as 2 ranks conventionally. Rather than entry model of Porsche, I can already tell a real upper grade sportscar equal to 911 to have evolved. This magazine introduces the charm of such new Boxster thoroughly. Including test ride impression, I inspect the charm of Boxster by old-model Boxster and 911, the comparison with domestic and foreign rivals thoroughly. Of course I place the popular plan of a mechanism commentary and "the all series" including the convenience.

Mook: Page 95
A publishing company: SANEI SHOBO
A language: Japanese
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A sale date: 2012/10/31
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