Porsche Japanese book - Porsche fan vol.1 996 Complete Guide

Porsche Japanese book - Porsche fan vol.1 996 Complete Guide

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Porsche which it became 996, and adopted water cooling for the first time. After all the one which investigates charm of latest water cooling Porsche while impression doing an air-cooling car some other time in Porsche while there are many fans to be an air-cooling, and recognizing the good point of the air-cooling. The person who excels you in Japan if I let Porsche run is one for Porsche fans by the meeting Porsche fan for the supervision in Akihiko Nakatani whom it is said to that I am not.

Mook: Page 127
A publishing company: Ray publishing company (1999/12)
A language: Japanese
Condition: USED(Very Good)
A sale date: 1999/12
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