Porsche Japanese book - Air Cooled Porsche Perfect Book

Porsche Japanese book - Air Cooled Porsche Perfect Book

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Contents introduction
911(930/964/993) is thoroughly checked by a viewpoint of the mechanism!

"The car aggregate of the mechanism." It was high-pitched, and it was low or have you not thought about the constitution parts of the engine which you burnt, and exploded behind a driver?
In a state what kind of in high temperatures more than 800 degrees Celsius as for the oil of a piston and the cylinder will support sliding?
In fact, the crankshaft such as the lump of that steel winds like "a candy".
The air-cooled engine has the touch like "a creature" that such a beating is handed down to directly, but "is aggregate of the mechanism" after all.
Then I think that "pleasant air-cooling Porsche life" is late more if I know structure and material and 揺動 and can narrow a sense of distance with favorite car, air-cooling Porsche.

I know Type930 some other time now
・930/50/60 type Turbo Eng. general statement
・911/41 type ~930/60 type Eng, inspection
・The 930/60 type Turbo Eng. actual situation

I know Type964 some other time now
・M64 type system Eng. outline, constitution parts

I know Type993 some other time now

the Suspension actual situation

Transmission consideration

Special Interview/web/event

Mook: Page 159
A publishing company: NEKO publishing (2017/3/11)
A language: Japanese
Condition: USED(Very Good)
A sale date: 2017/3/11
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