Accessories box (S) Jewelry box Accessory case [G-1511N]

Accessories box (S) Jewelry box Accessory case [G-1511N]

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Item Description

Accessories box (S) emmer bulldog jewelry box accessory case G-1511N
Product explanation[emmer bulldog series]
It is the series of the country taste that valued the taste that is simple with attractiveness in Maine and warmth of nature.
The bright making of room is gentle, and is most suitable for a heartfelt present.
The emmer bulldog is an adjective "to be lovely" in French.

It is the accessories box which I collect accessories accessories all together and can store.
I mediate accessories petty person in 2 points in the depths and can hold a ring toward you.
I am reliable if I put the small accessories in this!

Size: W18 .5cm X D14 .5cm X H7 .5cm
A straight production center: China
Material: Tree, glass
ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

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2.International e-packet
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