Vertical Cosmetic box Make box [G-5685B]

Vertical Cosmetic box Make box [G-5685B]

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vertical model cosmetics box ★ make box ★ G-5685B
Product explanationIt is a cosmetic box knit out of the leaf of the plant called pandan carefully.
The mirror can do angle adjustment, and the convenient tray can hold the accessories which are easy to be scattered. In addition, the tray is removable, and it slides back and forth.
When I take off a tray, a bottle of approximately 19.5cm in height enters.
The modern texture using the nature material is most suitable for the present to the new thresholds such as housewarming or the wedding present!
The whole face is easy to be reflected in the mirror; is lengthwise, and angle adjustment is possible freely. .
■With tray

Size: W18 .5* D26 .5* H28 .5cm (I include a handle)
     : W18 .5* D26 .5* H21cm (I do not include a handle)
Weight: Approximately 1.8 kg
Material: Bread Dan, synthetic leather (PU), the inside: Polyester
A straight production center: The Philippines
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