Japanese Ultraman Illustrations Book - The Pictorial book of ULTRAMAN 1996

Japanese Ultraman Illustrations Book - The Pictorial book of ULTRAMAN 1996

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An "ultra Q" "ultra man" first molding illustrated book, it is 1,200 points of photograph collecting completion at last. The first page color that I caught in the best angle. The change of the plans from "ultra Q" to investigate by all 67 works, 93 characters, production order to "an ultra man." It is full of steel for production presentation others, TBS program advertising. The highlight scene from a film. The Toru Narita design image which I can collect. A molding snap including the sewing that selected carefully. The monster production time transcription that Ryosaku Takayama in charge of the molding recorded. A production snap of Woo and ゴルドン for NG of the first to go out, the back photograph of the alien from Baru tongue by the Macintosh composition. Heat atom X-rays, ultra-short wave diathermy, lightning, 科特隊 machine cover all the super weapons. I locate a vision alien, a reproduction monster, an attraction monster, the column including a pleasant monster in each place. A model and three types of ultra man of the ultra man are introduced by each point of view. The flow of founders in charge of monster molding proved now from Toho to professional player Tsuburaya. A story, production data. List of broadcast collecting. 67 works and related works are covered all to "ultra man" last inning ゼットン by "ultra Q" Episode 1 mammoth flower. I inspect all of design and molding of 93 characters.

Page: 192 pages
Publisher: HobbyJAPAN
Release Date: August 1, 1996
Size: 12 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches
Text: Japanese
Condition: USED
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