NAMIO HARUKAWA art book - Garden of Domina

NAMIO HARUKAWA art book - Garden of Domina

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Born 1947 in Osaka, Japan. Harukawa's distinctive penname combines the name of film actress Harukawa Masumi with an anagram of Naomi, the heroine in Tanizaki Jun'ichiro's novel Chijin no ai [A Fool's Love]. While in high school, Harukawa began contributing work to the readers' column of Kitan Club, postwar Japan's leading pulp magazine. Since then, Harukawa's drawings of male masochism have portrayed noble, voluptuously beautiful women and the men who would serve them. Harukawa is now recognized as the preeminent Japanese illustrator specializing in the depiction of women's ass. In addition to his drawings on paper, Harukawa has also created cover artwork for numerous SM porn video productions and has served as a consulting editor for several other projects derived from his work.

Published bilingually in English and Japanese. A gorgeous gluteus, a bounteous bottom, a robust rump, even an ample ass: there are many ways to describe the pleasures of the oshiri (pronounced o-shee-ree.) In Harukawa Namio's delicately conceived drawings and their accompanying story, there emerges a holy bond of lust and love between cosmetics company president Ohara Kana and the men who would serve her. Kana loves to abuse men with her tremendous buttocks, and they explore the cruel joys found beneath her stunning endowment. Eventually, Kana creates a Garden of Paradise where she, her fellow lusty ladies, and their slaves discover the most exquisite ecstasies of the ass. A leading Japanese SM illustrator who has dedicated his oeuvre to the glories of the ass, Harukawa Namio both amuses and arouses his reader in this charming tale.

Tankobon Softcover: 168 pages
Publisher: Pot Publishing Japan; 1st edition (2012)
Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.9 x 0.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 11.4 ounces
Text: Japanese
Condition: USED
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