Japanese Book - Takashi Honma Tokyo Suburbia

Japanese Book - Takashi Honma Tokyo Suburbia

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Title Tokyo Suburbia
Photographer Takashi Honma
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Honma Takashi Official Website
Honma Takashi is known as being emblematic of the new generation of Japanese photography. In 1998, he received the 24th Kimura Ihei Photography award for his series "Tokyo Kougai TOKYO SUBURBIA", a momentous collection that definitively influenced Japanese photographic expression. Using scenes of parking lots of residential areas like Shounan and Urayasu, or in gardens of apartment complexes, he takes images of the children that grew up there, entirely removed of dramatic development. From within the everyday, a scene of "reality" is quietly resonant.

approx 22cm x 29cm

If you are interested in his works, this book would be a great collection for you!

It is in very good condition overall.
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