Japanese Ninja Ninjutsu Book - Bansenshukai Yonin Hen Most Famous Ninja Book

Japanese Ninja Ninjutsu Book - Bansenshukai Yonin Hen Most Famous Ninja Book

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Title Bansenshukai Yonin hen
Translator Shuichiro Yunoki

Yunoki has translated the book called “Bansensukai”, which consists of 1700 important manuscript related to the art of the ninja in modern Japanese language. Mr. Yunoki’s ancestors are originally served in a high rank of the local Lord Yamaoka Doami during the Sengoku period (16th Century) and were responsible for the creation of major shrines during the Edo period

AUTHOR Masatake Fujibayashi Mr.

The author,FUJIBAYASHI(藤林) is important family of IGA NINJA along with MOMOCHI and HATORI.And so some people say Bansen shukai is an IGA-ryu ninja book.However,it is generally believed that it is the book of IGA-Ryu and KOGA -Ryu ninja.

It was written in 1676.In Japan,it is a very famous Ninjya book along with SHONINKI, NINPIDEN. BANSEN SHUKAI is said to be the first material to know NINJYA, NINPO, NINJUTU.However,it is very difficult even for JAPANESE PEOPLE to read in the original
because it was published in 1676(EDO period).And so SHUNICHIRO SOMEKI translated BANSEN SHUKAI in modern languages.

Most JAPANESE modern NINJA books are based on SHONINKI and BANSEN SHUKAI.And so BANSEN SHUKAI would be a must-have book for those who are interested in NINJA,NINPO,NINJUTU.

It is in very good condition overall.
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