Japanese Ninja Ninjutsu Book - Hataumi Masaaki Martial Arts in the world

Japanese Ninja Ninjutsu Book - Hataumi Masaaki Martial Arts in the world

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Title Martial Arts in the world
Author Masaaki Hatsumi
As you know,he is one of the most famous and respected experts on Martial Arts both in Japan and in the world.
Publication Year 1986

Martial arts inAmerica
Martial arts in the world

Softcover w/dust jacket approx351pages very thick book

In this book,Keisho Ishiguro,who is a son of Keishichi Ishiguro,says"I am not familiar with Martial arts.Nevertheless,I was asked to write for this book by Masaaki Hatsumi because my father,Keishichi Ishiguro was a Judo player.My father was Kodokan 8th dan and was famous for his Kukinage."

Masaaki Hatsumi called Ishiguro Keishichi "Sensei" in this book and has formed a friendship with Ishiguro families(Keishichi,Keisho and Keisho's son) for three generations.So It seems that Keishichi Ishiguro as a great Judo player has a great influence on Masaaki Hatsumi.You'll see a photo of Masaaki Hatsumi with Keishichi Ishiguro in this book.

As far as I know,there are two types of Kukinage in Japan.One was thought out by Kyuzo Mifune,who has been called God of Judo,and another was thought out by Keishichi Ishiguro.Keishichi Ishiguro has published Judo book,entitled "Kukinage".Also,I am listing the book on ebay.So please check it if you are interested.

This book has a lot of B&W photos throughout.
Even if you don't understand JAPANESE,you'll enjoy this book through many photos.

I am listing Keishichi Ishiguro's Judo book on ebay.Also,please check it if you are interested.
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