Japanese sword katana tsuba samurai book - Japanese Matchlocks A Story of Tanegashima

Japanese sword katana tsuba samurai book - Japanese Matchlocks A Story of Tanegashima

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Title Japanese Matchlock ~A story of Tanegashima~
Publication Year 1989
Author Shigeo Sugawa

This is a very rare book on Japanese matchlocks.All are shown in full color.

The first arquebuses were introduced in Japan in 1543 by Portuguese traders (Fern?o Mendes Pinto), who landed by accident on Tanegashima, an island south of Kyushu in the region controlled by the Shimazu clan. By 1550, copies of the Portuguese arquebus were being produced in large quanties, and they were often seen on the battlefields all over Japan. The use of arquebuses and other firearms was halted in Japan during and until the end of the Tokugawa shogunate by decree of the shogun. In the Battle of Nagashino in 1575, Lord Oda Nobunaga placed three lines of ashigaru armed with these weapons behind wooden palisades and prepared for the Cavalry charge of his opponent. The three-line method allowed two lines to reload while the other would fire. Such tactics allowed a balance of mass firepower to compensate for poor accuracy with a reasonable rate of fire.

Even if you don't understand Japanese,you will enjoy this book through many photos.approx 62 pages,

If you are interested in Japanese matchlock, this book would be a great collection for you!

Very Good Crease on the cover.
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