Japanese Martial Arts Book - Very Rare Shudokan Karate Book by kanken Toyama

Japanese Martial Arts Book - Very Rare Shudokan Karate Book by kanken Toyama

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TITLE Introduction to Karate
Publication year 1969 First editon
Author Kanken Toyama

Shudokan Karate books are becoming hard-to-come by here in Japan.

Shudokan, literally the hall for the study of the [karate] way, is a school of karate developed by Kanken Toyama (1888 ? 1966). Characteristics of Shudokan karate include large circular motions with an emphasis on covering and its own unique kata.

In the preface to this book,Kanken Toyama says,"Many people all over japan who are interested in Karate have asked me to publish a book on Karate.So I have published this book as introduction to Karatedo Daihokan for those who are going to learn Karatedo or already practiced Karate."

I have seldom seen Shudokan Karate book even in Japan.So don't miss out.

approx 194 pages w/many photos
approx. 13cm ×18.5cm

If you are interested in Japanese Martial Arts like Karate,this book would be a great collection for you!

Yellowing and stains on the cover and pages.But it is in good condition overall.
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