Japanese Martial Arts Book - Okinawan karate rare oop Large-format

Japanese Martial Arts Book - Okinawan karate rare oop Large-format

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TITLE Okinawan karate 'kobudo' graph
Publication year 1995
by Okinawa Prefecture board of education

It is said that the traditional Okinawan martial arts called Te and Chinese Kenpo were blended together and developed into karate. Karate later underwent significant developments in Okinawa based on several factors, including the policy of banning weapons following the political centralization of King Shoshin (1477-1526) and the Satsuma Clan's invasion of Ryukyu (1609).

This book has English and Spanish description in each page.


1. The beginning of Okinawa karate 'kobudo'
2. The album of memories
3. Modern Okinawa Karate kobudo grand masters
4. Exercising the style and form
5. Typical form of 'karatedo'
6. Typical form of 'kobudo'
7. Other styles
8. Okinawa karate 'kobudo' lineage
9. Exercises and exercises with weapons
10. 'kobudo' overseas
11. Physical education and 'karatedo'
12. Books on karate 'kobudo'
13. Monuments of great masters
14. Posters and pamphlets
15 'Dojo' codes
16. Karate 'kobudo' chronology
17. List of okinawa 'karatedo' and 'kobudo katas'
18. Okinawa karate 'kobudo' masters, 'ryu'and societies
19. Rensei Dojo
20. Asia and Okinawa
21. From the editor

Softcover 68pages all pages colored

It contains a lot of photos, so even if you don't understand Japanese, you will enjoy this book.

If you are interested in JAPANESE Martial Arts like Karate, this book would be a great collection for you.

*slight folds
*good condition overall

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