Japanese Martial Arts Book - Modern Martial Arts Budo Encyclopedia

Japanese Martial Arts Book - Modern Martial Arts Budo Encyclopedia

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TITLE Modern Martial Arts Encyclopedia
Publication Year 1994

As title says,this book intorduces many modern martial arts w/a lot of pics.It focuses on Modern Martial Arts.

*The History and Organization of Modern Martial Arts
*Frmo Meiji to Heisei Biography of Martial Artists
*Cross-Point of Modern Martial Arts-In this chapter,"Taihojutsu" is explained.I think this isconnecte with Torinawa Jutsu.

It contains B&W photos and illustrations
approx 359 pages,Very thick book(To be called,magazine)

If you are interested in Japanese Martial Arts, this book would be a great collection for you!

Since this book was published 14 years ago, there is browning and stains on the cover and pages.But it is in good condition overall.
Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book.

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