Japanese Martial Arts Book - Aiki Jujusu Nyumon Introduction to Aiki Jujutsu Seigo Okamoto

Japanese Martial Arts Book - Aiki Jujusu Nyumon Introduction to Aiki Jujutsu Seigo Okamoto

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TITLE Aiki Jujutsu Nyumon
Author Seigo Okamoto

Supervising editor Kao Takahashi
Publication year 1984

This is an extremely rare Daito-ryu Book and recommended by DAITO-RYU aiki jujutu roppokai.It is becoming hard-to-come by.

Softcover w/dust jacket,approx 92pages.Of course,out-of-print and very rare book.It contains many B&W photos of WAZA.

Even if you don't understand Japanese,you'll enjoy this book through many photos.
If you are interested in Japanese Budo(Daito-Ryu AIKI jujutu),this book would be a great collection for you!
*DAITO-RYU aiki jujutu roppokai Official site

Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu, originally called Daito-ryu jujutsu, is a Japanese martial art that first became widely known in the early 20th century under the headmastership of Sokaku Takeda. Takeda had extensive training in several martial arts (including Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryu and sumo)and referred to the style he taught as Daito-ryu. Although the ryu's traditions claim to extend back centuries in Japanese history there are no known extant records regarding the ryu before Sokaku Takeda. Whether he is regarded as the restorer or founder of the art, the known history of Daito-ryu begins with Sokaku Takeda. Perhaps the most famous student of Sokaku Takeda was Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido.

This book has a lot of photos in it.So even if you don't understand Japanese,you'll enjoy it through many photos.

Condition:Slight yellowing,stains and wears on the cover and page.But it is in very good condition.Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book
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