Japanese Martial Arts Book - Illustrated Sword Play Japanese kenjutsu Book

Japanese Martial Arts Book - Illustrated Sword Play Japanese kenjutsu Book

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Title Illustrated Swordplay Samurai-Sword,Lance,Bayonet,Blackthorne,Swrd Cne
Japanese Title Zukai Kengi, Kenjutsu Vol1
Author Hidehiko Maki
Publication year 2001

This book is a step-by-step instruction manual and deals with Kenjutsu,Sojutsu,Naginatajutsu,and what's more Jukenjuts and the techniques of those Martial Art.A detailed explanation is given in Japanese.

The contents is as follows.
The history of Kenjutsu
Japanese sword
Meito and Meiko

As below pics shows,this book has many illustrations so that even beginners can understand with ease. So even if you don't understand Japanese, you'll enjoy this book through them.

Softcover approx 297pages
Size approx 21cm x 15cm

If you are interested in Japanese Martial Arts like Kenjutsu, this book would be a great collection and textbook for you !

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Slight yellowing and stains on the cover and pages. But it is in very good condition overall.
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