Japanese Martial Arts Book - Ryukyu Kobudo Nunchaku and Sai Goju-ryu Karate Master Satoru Suzuki

Japanese Martial Arts Book - Ryukyu Kobudo Nunchaku and Sai Goju-ryu Karate Master Satoru Suzuki

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TITLE Shin Ryukyu Kobudo Nunchaku and Sai
Author Suzuki Satoru-Goju Ryu
Publication year ?None

This book features Kobudo weapon, NUNCHAKU and SAI.

In the preface to this book,Suzuki Satoru says"More and more people are showing interest in Ryukyu Kobudo(old budo) with the spread of Karate.However,many people mistakenly believe Ryukyu Kobudo because there are few books on it published.So I have explained basic techniques in detail with sequential photographs so that beginners can understand with ease."

As author says,there are few books on Nunchaku even in Japan.So great textbook for you!

As the preface says,it has a lot of photos(B&W).So even if you don't understand Japanese, you'll enjoy this book through many photos.

6~125 about nunchaku 126~238 about sai

The nunchaku "Dual Section Staff"; "Two Section Staff"; nunchaku listen (help?info); , sh?shikon "Boatman's staff";setsukon "Paired sections staff" nisetsukon "Two section staff", also sometimes called "nunchucks", "numchuks", or "chain sticks" in English) is a martial arts weapon of the Kobudo weapons set and consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short chain or rope. The other Kobudo weapons are the sai, tonfa, bo, eku, tekko, tinbe-rochin, surujin, and kama. A sansetsukon is a similar weapon with three sticks attached on chains instead of two.

Hardcover approx 238pages
Size approx 15.5cm x 22cm

If you are interested in NUNCHAKU, this book would be a great collection and textbook for you !

Slight yellowing and stains on the cover and pages. But it is in very good condition overall.
Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book.

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