Japanese Martial Arts Book - Dynamic Karate Kyokushin Karate Book by Mas Oyama Masutatsu

Japanese Martial Arts Book - Dynamic Karate Kyokushin Karate Book by Mas Oyama Masutatsu

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TITLE Dynamic Karate
Author Mas Oyama(Masutatsu Oyama)

This is a Kyokushin karate book by Mas Oyama,the founder of Kyokushin karate.It is entitled Dynamic Karate and is a revised edition.

It is a Japanese edition(written in Japanese) and was published in 1973.Great Collectible book.

The preface says,"This is the first time I have published a Karate Book written in Japanese because I visited many foreign countries for coaching and needed to write karate books in English"

According to the page(Kyokushin Karate official website,the photo of the dust cover in the page is that of a revised edition),this book introduces Kata,Kumite or all waza of Kyokushin Karate such as Tameshiwari w/approx 1200 photos.

It is a wonderful collection if you are interested in Kyokushin Karate.

Hardcover w/ dust cover,approx 190 pages,
Publication year 1973

It contains many photos throughout . So even if you don't understand Japanese,you'll enjoy this book through many photos.

If you are interested in Kyokushin Karate,this book would be a great collection and textbook for you!

Slight stains and yellowing on the cover and pages.But it is in very good condition overall.Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book.

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