Good Bye God Hand Mas Oyama Photographic Biography

Good Bye God Hand Mas Oyama Photographic Biography

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Title Good Bye God Hand Mas Oyama
Japanese Title Oyama Masutatsu Tsuito ShashinShu
Publication Year 1994

This is a rare photo collection of Mas Oyama,the founder of Kyokushin Karate.Of course,out-of-print.It was published in 1994 when Mas Oyama passed away.It can be said that it is a photographic biography of Mastatsu Oyama.

It is an extra issue of a Japanese martial arts magazine and is hard to find.

mook,approx 105 pages,

If you are interested in Kyokushin Karate,this book would be a great collection and textbook for you!

Slight yellowing on the cover and pages.Folded line on the back cover.But it is in very good condition overall.
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