Inoue Motokatsu Ancient Martial Arts of the Ryukyu Islands Series1 Bo

Inoue Motokatsu Ancient Martial Arts of the Ryukyu Islands Series1 Bo

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Title Ancient Martial Arts of the Ryukyu Islands Series1
Subtitle The Basic Formal Excersise of Bo
Author Inoue Motokatsu

This is an extremely rare Ryukyu Kobudo book focusing on Bo.It is written by Inoue Motokatsu.Fortunately,it is written both in English and in Japanese,This Ryukyu kobudo seiries is becoming hard to come by even in Japan.

The English Preface to this book says,"To Ryu-Kyu Kobudo ,Inoue sensei is the leading authority in Japan.This booklet is intended to make ancient budo better known.Many practitioners of competetive karate or judo feel the need of a wider historical and psychological background.Studying Kobudo supplies this want.Self dicipline,unity of thought and action,mental equilibrium are universal valies,which raise Kobudo to a level above that of local folklore.this accounts for the fact that there is a widespread interest outside Japan in this art.I hope that rhis publication will help to increase the number of devotees of this fascinating art."

The writer Inoue Motokatsu is a man who has developed all his life to the study and training of bujutsu,the classical Japanese system of martial training.
Three famous teachers have put their stamp on the life of Inoue with Seiko Fujita,the all round grand master,he studided Bujutus.The history of the art that seiko Fujita taught,dates far back.He is the 14th successor in the Kouga style.
inoue studied Karate with Koyu Konishi,who awarded Motokatsu Inoue the 7th dan.Shinken taira was Inoue's great teacher of Ryu-kyu Kobudo,the old martial arts of Okinawa.Taira granted Motokatsu Inoue the title of the 1st hanshi,the highest award.This means that Shinken taira passed on all his knowledege of the katas and the most important techniques.

it consists of 60 pages.It has a lot pf photos in it.
Good.Skight yellowing on the pages.
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