Shin Karatedo Kyohan by Seiken Shukumine The Founder of Gensei-ryu

Shin Karatedo Kyohan by Seiken Shukumine The Founder of Gensei-ryu

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Title Shin Karatedo Kyohan
Author Seiken Shukumine
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It is well-known that Shukumine Seiken founded Gensei-ryu karate and conducted training since 1950 and also founded Shintaido in 1962.

Gensei-ryu is a karate style with roots in Shuri-te, one of the three original karate styles on Okinawa (a Japanese island). It was developed by Seiken Shukumine (1925-2001) who combined classic techniques with his own innovations thus developing the special characteristics of Genseiryu. Sensei Shukumine had two known teachers, Sadoyama and Kishimoto. The name of Genseiryu was first used in 1953. In Japanese the name consists of three different characters (Kanji).

The first is Gen and means 'mysterious', 'occult', and 'universe' but also 'a subtle and deep truth'. The second is Sei and translates to 'control', 'system', 'law' or 'rule' but also 'creating a form.' The last is Ryu which simply means 'style' or 'school.' The combination of Gensei could be translated as 'to control the universe', but reading Japanese Kanji is not that simple. In this combination the meaning becomes something like "to pursue the deep truth and making it clear through the form," which can be regarded physically as well as spiritually.

Softcover(not hardcover)w/dust jacket pretty thick(over 500pages)   
It contains many photos throughout.So even if you don't understand Japanese,you'll enjoy this book through many photos.

If you are interested in Genseiryu Karate,this book would be a great collection and textbook for you!

Slight stains and yellowing on the cover and pages.But it is in very good condition overall.Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book.

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