Judo Koza Vol1 by Mifune Kyuzo Kudo Kazuzo Recommended by Kodokan

Judo Koza Vol1 by Mifune Kyuzo Kudo Kazuzo Recommended by Kodokan

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Title Judo Koza Volume 1
Supervising Editor Kyuzo Mifune,Kazuzo Kudo
Publicationyear 1955

This one is supervised by Kyuzo Mifune,Kazuzo Kudo.Please note that this book dosen't come with a slipcase.But the slipcase says,"Recommended by Kodokan and All Japan Judo Federation"Comprehensive Judo Textbook.It can be said that it is one of must-have books if you are iterested in Kodokan Judo.

This Judo Koza is becoming hard-to-come by here in Japan.So good opportunity to obtain this wonderful book by Great Judo Master,Kyuzo Mifune and Kazuzo Kudo!

Hardcover w/o slipcase approx 200 pages or so

It contains many photos throughout.So even if you don't understand Japanese,you'll enjoy this book through them.

If you are interested in Martial Arts like Judo,this book would be a great collection and textbook for you!

Stains and yellowing on the cover and pages.But it is in very good condition overall.Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book.

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