Magical Technician of Contemporary Bonsai 2 The World of Msahiko Kimura

Magical Technician of Contemporary Bonsai 2 The World of Msahiko Kimura

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Title The Essence of Modern Bonsai Techniques Vol2-The World of Masahiko Kimura
By Masahiko Kimura
Publication Year 1982

Masahiko Kimura
The Magical Technician of Contemporary Bonsai
Out-of-print Book

This is an extremely rare Bonsai book by Masahiko Kimura and is entitled the Magical Technician of Contemporary Bonsai.

He spent his teenage years, by the wishes of his mother, as an apprentice under a bonsai master. After working in the horticultural field, his work was featured in Kindai Shuppan magazine, where his skill with carving deadwood quickly made him well-known in the bonsai community.

We are offering you a wonderful bonsai book by Masahiko Kimura from Bonsai Town Omiya where he was born brought up.

Page approx 176page or so
Size approx 21cm× 29cm

If you are interested in Japanese Bonsai or Bonsai techniques,this book would be a great collection for you!
Condition:Yellowing and stains on the cover and pages because of age.Slight folded line on the cover and page because of use.But it is in very good condition overall for its age.
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