Deluxe Bonsai Book -Its Beauty and Tradition

Deluxe Bonsai Book -Its Beauty and Tradition

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Title Bonsai its Beauty and Tradition
Publication year 1976
Supervising editor Kenji Adachi Deluxe edition oop

Super Deluxe Bonsai and Bosai Pots Book
This item contains many fabulous photos of Bonsai and Bonsai pots including Bonsai in Imperial Palace.

Photos (All photos are printed in color)
-Bonsai and Bonsai pots in Imperial Palace (page 1-46)
-Bonsai in Chichibuno-miya Family and Takamatsuno-miya Family (page 47-64)
*Chichibuno-miya Family 1922-95 from Yasuhito-sinnou, the second son of Taisyo emperor
*Takamatsuno-miya Family Old name of Arisugawano-miya
-Modern Bonsai (page 65-104)
-Modern Chinese Bonsai (page 105-112)
-Bonsai history (page 113-136) w/27 photos related to Bonsai history

After photo section there are pages for explanation with some photos and illustrations (B&W) about Bonsai as shown in contents above. Text in Japanese

As you see the contents, through this item you can enjoy many important Bonsai in Japan!
Interestingly enough, this item also contains photos of old documents related to Bonsai history.
The clothcover is also beautiful, gold color and flower design.

This is large format item, and most of each photo is printed in one page. This means you can see the colorful Bonsai as large as possible to enjoy on books.

Hardcover(Clothcover) w/slipcase,deluxe book.

approx 221 pages w/many photos of beautiful Bonsai
Photo section page 1 to 136
Size approx. 27cm ×37cm Large format
w/fine quality paper

If you are interested in Japanese Bonsai,this book would be a great collection for you!

Slipcase is slightly broken. It is in very good condition overall.
Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book.

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