Japanese Samurai tatoo paintings oop limited

Japanese Samurai tatoo paintings oop limited

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44cm 17 1/2"
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62cm 24 1/2"

Title Japanese Samurai tatoo paintings
Author Koun Ohata
out of print
Super deluxe limited edition
Publication year 1978

This one is very unique item.Limited edition, only 1000 copies printed.
This has 15 paintings of Japanese Samurai, called Musyae in Japanese.

Musyae is painting of Samurai in the scene before they are going to fight.
Musyae is beautiful Japanese traditional culture.
It is characterized that the models are famous samurai's who actually existed in Japanese history.

The painter, Koun Ohata, was painting Musyae when he was only 13 years old. He was also good at Judo, so he could learn the spirit of Samurai.
He was designate as Cultural Prosperty, and in 1976, he had an opportunity to paint in front of Showa Emperor (Hirohito) and Empress.
He has had personal exhibitions in Germany and England.
His works are highly prized in the world.

They have Musyae Museum in Tochigi, Japan.
Ohata Musyae Museum HP

The size of these are big enough to enjoy the fabulous colorful Samurai paintings.
This will be one of your best collection!

Size approx 44cm x 62cm,large-format

*a slight of yellowing, stains on the cover and pages
*in good condition overall
Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book.

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