Kawase Hasui The landscape woodblock prints of the Taisho and Showa periods

Kawase Hasui The landscape woodblock prints of the Taisho and Showa periods

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TITLE Hasui Kawase The Landscape woodblock prints of the Taisho and Showa periods.
Publication year 2008

This book published as a catalogue of the exhibition held by Himeji City Museum of Art this year.
It contains 254 his great works.

The English Foreword says,"Kawase Hasui was born in Tokyo.He was interested in paintings in his childhood and studied both European and japanese style apinting.At the age of twenty-seven,he became a pupil of kaburagi Kiyokata,a master of Japanese-style paintings.Inspired by his fellow pupil Ito Shinsui,later best known for his Bijinga(pictures of beautiful women),he became deeply interested in woodblock prints.
We hope that you will enjoy the world of Hasui filled with not only sentimentalism for journey but also moved by the vigorous and delicate beauty his woodblock prints and his origin coloring and techniques through his selected works"

Usually,as you might know,pamphlets of his exhibition have sold out immediately because of his popurality.
I have tried to obtain several copies of this book because sevaral copies left but it was turned down probably because many people would like to purchase them.Don't miss out !

Kawase Hasui was one of the most prolific and talented shin hanga artists of the early 20th century. He designed around six hundred prints total.
"Snow at Zozyo Temple" was designated as an Intangible Cultural Treasure(Please see below photo #2 ).

Softcover approx 132pages
Size approx 21cm x 30cm

If you are interested in Japanese wood block prints, this book would be a great collection for you!

Like New Condition.Please see below photos to confirm the condition of this book.

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