Fan Paintings of Sotasu Korin School Rimpa,

Fan Paintings of Sotasu Korin School Rimpa,

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46cm 18"

Title Fan Paintings of Sotasu Korin School
japanese Title Sotastu Korin Ha Senmen Gashu
Publication year 1965
Of course, out of print

This is a rare plate collection of Japanese fan paintings by Korin School.Originally,it is composed of 10 volumes.Vol3,Vol9 and Vol10 are missing,unfortunately.

Rimpa, is one of the major historical schools of Japanese painting. It was created in 17th century Kyoto by Hon'ami Koetsu (1558-1637) and Tawaraya Sotatsu (d. c.1643). Roughly fifty years later, the style was consolidated by brothers Ogata Korin and Ogata Kenzan.

The term Rimpa itself is an amalgamation of the last syllable from “Korin” with the word for school, coined in the Meiji period. Previously, the style was referred to variously as the Koetsu school, or K?etsu-K?rin school, or the Sotatsu-Korin school.

32cm*46cm Each volume includes 10 plates

Stains,yellowing and wear on te plates.But it is in good condition overall.
Please see the photos to confirm the condition of this book
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