Japanese Leather Work Handmade Craft Pattern Book - Leathercraft of adult

Japanese Leather Work Handmade Craft Pattern Book - Leathercraft of adult

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Leather Clough tervade mecum, the last form of the "leather accessory series of the man who it is hand-sewn, and makes it!" ! I collect the leather accessory of seven gems including "the horse's hoof type coin purse" called "the King of the accessory".
Do you not want to finish the clean work which is usable in the formal scene? Because professional craftsman tecnique was necessary for such a work, a degree of difficulty was high and was not handled in the conventional commentary book too much. However, this book handles the technique that full-scale leatherworkers such as the "partial creation of dried laver" and "edge torsion" (decoration torsion) "piece alignment sewing" use positively and I turn it towards the public and explain it. In addition, I include various professional petit skill of book first collecting as well as it without regret and pursue, "I finish a beautiful work" thoroughly. If I practice even slightly a lot a point to introduce carefully and hang trouble for the production, I should be able to create the splendid finish of as good as brand-name products! !
All works, full scale paper pattern include it

Page: 168 pages
Publisher: Japan
Text: Japanese
Release : 2013
Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 7.9 x 0.8 inches
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