Japanese watch book - Patek Philippe Encyclopedia

Japanese watch book - Patek Philippe Encyclopedia

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Among the antique watches that there is a number, the beauty of the Patek Philippe, precision the place where undisputed.
Soaring in value is followed worldwide, you are becoming a presence you do not have access gradually,
It is full of charm you are still reminiscent of the "I want to see, ...! you want to know" he said.
The "Patek Philippe Encyclopedia", the charm of Old Patek until the 1970s,
Mook was decoded from both sides design, of the movement.
Also If you like old Patek, is one book a must-read some of you want to know the world of antique watches from now on!
◎ Calatrava collection of forever
Since the advent of the 96 models of 1932, Calatrava model that is touted as the ultimate case design.
It is the functional beauty of universal attract people throughout the ages.
The One action the Calatrava model rare lovers of Japan leading to the collection!

◎ Old Patek all movement Detailed Description
Even after dozens of years from production when, to Old Patek ticking time with high accuracy.
Starting with 12-inch, chronograph, 10-inch, up to the ladies from square caliber,
I will unravel the characteristics and evolution of the entire movement.

◎ evolution of Patek Philippe seen in patent drawing
Patek Philippe that up to the present from its inception, has also acquired more than 70 of the patent.
Such as 12-600AT automatic caliber gyro Max Temp, Patek's first
I decipher in conjunction with the drawings patented technology a compromise.

◎ number of rare model that was exhibited at the Antiquorum people
Known as global auctioneer, Antiquorum and the rare number of models are exhibited in the field of watch in particular.
I introduce carefully selected about 50 lines to be able to model from the Old Patek exhibition was done so far, as well as gem of the illusion.

◎ Others
● History of Patek Philippe
● study of parts of the Old Patek
● description of the patent and the pocket watch collection
● Shop Guide ... and you Deaeru Old Patek of choice

Page: 93 pages
Publisher: World Photo Press (August 2008)
Release Date: August 2008
Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.1 x 0.2 inches
Text: Japanese
Condition: USED
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