Complete edition of BCL radio catalog photobook

Complete edition of BCL radio catalog photobook

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For the boy at the time of referral machine name of the BCL radio, which was launched 30 years ago to about 40 from now on in this document! Resurrection is + Photos Specifications (models 58 14 companies SkySensor was the target of longing, cougar, and Tri-X Remarks + table). Packed mono class B that I could not be introduced in the 2007 edition, as well as vintage machine also. Edition of just one book!

● thinking of radio and 40 years ago, "BCL boom"
● radio catalog advertising goods & Classics
● incorporate real radio figure in ultra-small
● Class B Hen & Vintage
MK-59 (Rajisan) / NR-108F1 / RA-4 (Businessman New Hope) / TR-1 (Regency) / Trans-Oceanic Royal D7000Y (Electric Kawashima) (ZENITH) / TFM-110 (Sony) / RF-858D In addition to
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. ● Hen
In addition RF-868D/RF-888/RF-877/RF-1130/RF-1150/RF-1188/RF-2200/RF-2800/RF-2600/RF-B30/RF-B300
● Sony Hen
ICF-5500 (A) / ICF-5600/ICF-5800/ICF-5900/ICF-6000/ICF-6800 other (A) / ICF-6700/ICF-2001/ICF-2001D/CRF-200/FX-300
● Other companies Hen
In addition ... RP-1600F/RP-1700F/RP-770F Tokyo Shibaura Electric
Sanyo ... RP7600/RP7700/RP8700
Hitachi ... KS-3000W/KH-2100/KH-2200
Mitsubishi Electric ... FIC-304/FIC-404/JP-505
JRC ... NRD-515
Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd. ... FRG-7/FRG-7700
Trio ... R-2000
● Data Book
BCL radio techniques to obtain more than 30 years ago
Illustrations and essay "My BCL Days" by radio favorite cartoonists
? BCL radio currently available new
? Exhibition Hall site and the history of the radio receiver can study
Japanese broadcasting station list

Page: 127 pages
Publisher: JAPAN
Text: Japznese
Release Date: May 24, 2012
Size: 11.6 x 8.3 x 0.4 inches
Condition: NEW
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