Japanese Samurai Sword Book: Shinkai Inoue TAIKAN

Japanese Samurai Sword Book: Shinkai Inoue TAIKAN

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Japanese Samurai Sword book: "井上真改大鑑 Shinkai Inoue Taikan" by Shinichiro Nakajima , Kazuo Iida. 

  1. Shinkai Inoue encyclopedia (with a family of study (真改 birthplace)
  2. About Ito feudal clan and hometown, Obi
  3. Place of residence of 真改
  4. 初代國貞, a background and the generation of the Osaka emigration
  5. Next house place others) of the Osaka swordmaker
  6. Block style signature, grass hand style signature new idea (conventional study process of a block style signature, the grass hand style signature) of 和泉守國貞
  7. Basic document
  8. Above mentioned argument
  9. The first block style signature of 二代國貞代銘 and initial own signature
  10. Change others)) of the characteristic of the signature character of 二代國貞 and the initial signature
  11. Shinkai Inoue encyclopedia picture book

Published year : 2010

Size : 29.8 x 21.2 x 3.2 cm

Condition : New

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