Japanese food Sushi T-shirt from JAPAN

Japanese food Sushi T-shirt from JAPAN

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Our Selling Price: US$56.00(tax incl.)


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Japanese food Sushi T-shirt from JAPAN


Japanese sushi T-shirt
This T-shirt can be worn by men or women
and the material is 100% cotton so comfortable to be worn.
Delicious sushi T-shirt.

Name of the sushi is displayed in Japanese and English.
Shrimp. = Ebi.
Herring roe. = Kazunoko.
Red tuna. = Akami maguro.
Salmon roe. = Ikura.
Egg. = Tamago.
Fatty tuna. = Toro.
Red snapper. = Tai.
Cucumbaer roll. = Kappamaki.
Salmon. = Salmon.
Octpus. = Tako.
Sea urchin. = Uni.
Soy sauce. = Murasaki.
Chopsticks. = Otemoto.
Hot green tea. = Agari.

Silver prize was awarded Sushi T-shirt in the attractive souvenirs of Japan Contest 2008 sponsored by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

The Sushi T-shirt, Smash Hit in Honolulu Marathon.

The student trying to obtain MBA also loves the Sushi T-shirt.

Message from Philippe Candeloro and Brian Joubert, French figure skaters 

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