Mon Mon "low chair doraemon / Prue" child use

Mon Mon "low chair doraemon / Prue" child use

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Doraemon Low chair DM431305

Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize receiving a prize
In the quality control with the start-to-finish production system producing an infant chair of the distress and high chairs for infants named the excellence was safe and was evaluated and was commended as an excellence factory of the straight utilization product security authorization system in 1987, and was able to demonstrate a good point of the quality perception.

It is the SG mark indication product which passed the severe safety level that association of product security established based on consumers straight utilization product security law.
●It is the safe product which adapted to an appropriate authorized standard.
●An instruction manual is on to prevent wrong use.
●When an accident resulting in injury or death happens with the defect of the product with the SG mark, I become a target of the compensation.
●The product without the SG mark is PL insurance participation

Target age From six months to 36 months
Size (cm) In use: 45* 56* 48.5 width depth height bearing surfaces high 21cm 
Occasion tatami mat time: 45* 11.5* width depth height 70 (in 50cm )※() at the time of table disassembly)
Weight Approximately 3.5 kg
Country of origin Product made in Japan
Main material Steel, PVC, urethane foam

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