four GUNDAM ZEON WATCH 30th model sets

four GUNDAM ZEON WATCH 30th model sets

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Anniversary model in commemoration of the broadcast 30th anniversary!
Even adults of the first GUNDAM generation finished military watch reflecting the image of dione military mobilsuit which came up during a drama in a concept so that it was possible for the trainer in usual times.

A trendy 48.5mm big face. The clockface and the letter of the bezel adopted mobilsuit color of the fan familiarity. I rode red 蓄光 reflecting the image of a monoeye, and a model type of trademark of that popular character and image mark of the dione forces and each mobirusuit enters the board side.

It is carved a seal a laser in a commemorative logo of the 30th anniversary of the broadcast by back pig. Serial No is a guarantee card and a luxurious limited set with BOX for exclusive use of a thing of an attache case type which, but, entered!

●The main body (about): 48.5* width thickness 11.7mm
● band width: 22.0mm
● adaptation size: 16.5-21.5cm
● BOX( about): 300*120*80mm ● weight (about): 46.5g(BOX:800g) ● movement: A domestic movement (MIOTA2035)
● material: A case: Glass fiber, a shelter belt: Mine RAS glass, a bezel: Glass fiber, back pig: Stainless steel, a band: Urethane
● precision: Within +-20 mean moon difference seconds
● battery life: It is
● production country (by a new battery after an embodiment) for approximately three years: Chinese
● specifications: A backlashing prevention register ring, a needle part: Faint lights other than stars, 10 standard atmosphere waterproofing
● set contents: (serial No enters) exclusive attache case type storing BOX with four clocks, guarantee card

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