Evangelion NERV jeans denim

Evangelion NERV jeans denim

Our Selling Price: US$346.00(tax incl.)

Weight: 950g

Waist SIZE(inch) Stock

Our Selling Price: US$346.00(tax incl.)


Item Description

The jeans which imaged the supplies of the organization of special duty ネルフ headquarters tactics strategy department made in jeans factory of Okayama! !I carve a seal on a tuck button in ネルフマーク and print ネルフマーク by a black print to a left pocket part and a black patch casually and am the discerning specifications that the belt loop and the piss name on the front right side put red stripe for. I printed the letter of "the Operation organization of special duty ネルフ headquarters tactics department" to an inside hips part. It is the almighty jeans of the ネルフ specifications that the cloth for emergency pattern was put for on back York part and the inside cloth of the previous pocket! ! 

※A difference of 2-3cm produces this one point of product for processing by one point of manual labor. One point of texture varies in all one point. Approve. 

Cotton: 12.5 ounces of 100% denim 

Size (unit cm)
30inch: Waist 79cm / length 87cm
32indh: Waist 84cm / length 88cm
34inch: Waist 89cm / length 89cm
36inch: Waist 92cm / length 92cm

※The size mentioned above becomes the basic size. Because there is a different case of the size slightly, approve it.
※Because there is the case that all size is not planned depending on a product, approve it.
※There is a case varying in some size slightly by lot about the past product. 

A maker: Cospa
© color 

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

About the shipment of the item, there are 3 following methods.
2.International e-packet
3.International e-packet light.
You can confirm it from this about the shipping according to the area according to the weight.

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