[Mobile Suit Gundam] zeong earth invasion operation jeans

[Mobile Suit Gundam] zeong earth invasion operation jeans

Our Selling Price: US$415.00(tax incl.)

Weight: 950g

Waist SIZE(inch Stock

Our Selling Price: US$415.00(tax incl.)


Item Description


Material :
12.5 ounces of 100-percent-cotton denim

Product explanation:
The jeans of the non-wash type that I designed for the image that soldiers of E, A F (the earth area military) were provided with.
Front pocket of the line similar to open battle clothes unlike normal denim and military-like シンチバック,
I was particular about a design for open battles to the reinforcement cloth for knee other side and front pocket sacking while being denim including the use of the cloth of the camouflage pattern.
The installation of the desorption expression emblem which treated a dione mark of other selling to the magic tape emblem base of the anteroposterior pocket is possibility!
A rivet and the tab are specially made dione specifications casually!
Play a patch and the spray of right and left; on back print of the reckoning the English name of the earth area military, ground attack corps,
I took successful dates of the descent operation for handmade wind daringly.
Reflecting the image of dione dukedom, the earth area military, it is the denim of the thorough discerning ultimate open battle type that I skipped in the details! !
※A difference of 2-3cm produces this one point of product for processing by one point of manual labor.
One point of texture varies in all one point. Approve.

Waist Size (inch) 30 / 32 / 34 / 36

Product indication 12.5 ounces of 100-percent-cotton irregularity thread denim
■Because it becomes the aim, please think about the application height at a reference level

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