Pajama from Kamen Rider for child kids(2 underwear)

Pajama from Kamen Rider for child kids(2 underwear)

Our Selling Price: US$96.00(tax incl.)

Weight: 1000g

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Our Selling Price: US$96.00(tax incl.)


Item Description

…2 underwear pajamas which kamen rider glitters…

★The product image may be a little different from a real product in hues by the environment of the PC.

◎It is 2 child service underwear pajamas of the kamen rider. The size (100) (the ◎ cloth which a use opportunity spreads through in main body of 120 )◎ (pants and shirt) + shorts is 100-percent-cotton, and the sleeve of shirt plays soccer with underwear (pants, shorts).) A print part of the shirt is plain fabrics. Part of print ◎, 蓄光 are the places where the printed part is gloomy, and a picture shines in the back side. ■Characteristic, 蓄光 print of the 蓄光 print is the print which emits light at constant time by guessing the light such as light of the sun or the fluorescent lamp right. It is an at a glance normal print in the bright place, but 蓄光 print part shines in a gloomy place and is seen. ▲As for the color, as for (100) (120), navy, (110) become blue.


[size]100[chest measurement]49cm - 55cm[height]95cm - 105cm[girth]45cm - 53cm
[size]120[chest measurement]57cm - 63cm[height]115cm - 125cm[girth]49cm - 57cm

  ◎A back has a pattern


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