terrestrial globe soccer ball

terrestrial globe soccer ball

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I print earth image without the border judging from population hygiene on a hand-sewn soccer ball.
This unique ball which does not watch an example in the world is the interior product that Tokai University itec printed a photographed image on a ball for computer processing, sports from an American weather satellite.
Green of precious trees, the delicate light and shade of a cloud expressing atmospheric circulation and natural balance are reproduced for the blue of the deep sea, life realistically.
It may be in a feeling to be considerate of environment of the earth in a marvel to feel when I was handed to a hand again by a hand every day just to look at little time. It is a figure of the earth judging from the eye of the astronaut without the borderline.
Of a present and the World Cup watching games to child of the soccer enthusiast together◎
Brand name Eco-shot terrestrial globe No. 0500
Size 430 g of ball diameter -22cm
Materials Ball - population leather skin (sew by hand), a pedestal: Plastic seat
Maker Watanabe teaching tools mill Co.Ltd JAPAN

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