MURDERDOLLS - Damaged Darkness(2CDR)[Metal Hammer-085]

MURDERDOLLS - Damaged Darkness(2CDR)[Metal Hammer-085]

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◆Shibuya O-East, Tokyo, Japan 10th March 2011

01. The World According To Revenge 02. Chapel Of Blood 03. Death Valley Superstars 04. Homicide Drive 05. Slit My Wrist 06. Twist My Sister 07. She Was A Teenage Zombie 08. My Dark Place Alone 09. Drug Me To Hell!!! 10. Summertime Suicide 11. Die My Bride 12. People Hate Me 13. Blood Stained Valentine 14. Pieces Of You 15. Bad Things 16. Nowhere
01. Welcome To The Strange 02. 197666 03. Motherfucker I Don't Care 04. Dawn Of The Dead 05. Dead In Hollywood 06. I Love To Say Fuck bonus tracks; Black Veil Brides (Opening Act) 07. opening SE 08. All Your Hate 09. We Stitch These Wounds 10. Children Surrender 11. Beautiful Remains 12. Knives And Pens 13. Perfect Weapon
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