My Bloody Valentine - On The Coast #1(2CDR)[XAVEL-190]

My Bloody Valentine - On The Coast #1(2CDR)[XAVEL-190]

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◆Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan 7th February 2013 (Disc 1) 01. Opening 02. I Only Said 03. When You Sleep 04. New You #1 05. New You #2 06. New You #3 07. You Never Should 08. Honey Power 09. Cigarette In Your Bed 10. Come In Alone 11. Only Shallow 12. Thorn 13. Nothing Much To Lose 14. To Here Knows When #1 15. To Here Knows When #2 (Disc 2) 01. Slow 02. Soon 03. Feed Me With Your Kiss 04. You Made Me Realise Bonus Tracks;
◆Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan 10th February 2013 (Kevin's IEM Source) 05. I Only Said
◆Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan 8th February 2013 (Kevin's IEM Source) 06. Come In Alone 07. Only Shallow 08. Thorn
◇Personnel; Kevin Shields (vocals, guitar), Colm O'Ciosoig (drums), Bilinda Butcher (vocals, guitar) & Debbie Googe (bass)
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