My Bloody Valentine - On The Coast #3(2CDR)[XAVEL-192]

My Bloody Valentine - On The Coast #3(2CDR)[XAVEL-192]

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◆Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan 10th February 2013 (Disc 1) 01. Opening 02. I Only Said 03. When You Sleep 04. New You 05. You Never Should 06. Honey Power 07. Cigarette In Your Bed 08. Come In Alon 09. Only Shallow 10. Thorn 11. Nothing Much To Lose 12. To Here Knows When (Disc 2) 01. Slow 02. Soo 03. Feed Me With Your Kiss 04. You Made Me Realise Bonus Tracks; ◆Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan 8th February 2013 (Kevin's IEM Source) 05. Soon 06. Feed Me With Your Kiss 07. You Made Me Realise
◇Personnel; Kevin Shields (vocals, guitar), Colm O'Ciosoig (drums), Bilinda Butcher (vocals, guitar) & Debbie Googe (bass)
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