[REALISE] normal back [original rubber] swimming race swimsuit costume size:4L [n-037_big]

[REALISE] normal back [original rubber] swimming race swimsuit costume size:4L [n-037_big]

Our Selling Price: US$153.00(tax incl.)

Weight: 200g

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Item Description

About us "realise" (from maker)
We "realise" are the Japanese costume manufacture brand of swimsuit costumes for rubber material fetch lovin ' freaks.
Our products are now being used to many pornographies in Japan.
and we are now becoming a global brand that our products are sold to the world, thanks to all of you!
We strongly suggest to purchase our products and directly feel our high quality materials and sewing with care.
So you can see how wonderful our products are... This is a Japanese quality.

For those of you who would like to purchase from ouside Japan,
Please note, that we are manufacturing based on Japanese chicks model size.
Which means, if you have a little bigger puppies or bums than our actual models, please select 1 size or maybe 2 larger.
And our products are the things you put directly on your skin, so there is no way of refund or changing sizes.
So please be careful of choosing your sizes when you purchase.
For more informations & details on our products, please visit our official realise website.

■ polyester 21% 79% polyurethane 


 4 L
Bust92-98 Cm
Hip97-105 Cm

■ use SSW material Super shiny wet. 
■ is the original material coated on the surface gloss, thin, moderate growth and a tightening feeling. 
■ the quality of stitching together fabric and fabric and sewing stuck. 
■ domestic production of elastic ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

★ This product is made in the same swimsuit material is in costume.
Because the system is not included, rely on cloth or Cup of.
★ on the character of the goods return please do not.
Please check the size before placing your order.

Is the color variation image size.
Height: 155 cm
Wearing size: s
Dress size: on a size S, size under S (0)
Style: slim
Worn: Chuck of stretch material so easy.

Model: amemiya Haruka Haruna
ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

About the shipment of the item, there are 3 following methods.
2.International e-packet
3.International e-packet light.
You can confirm it from this about the shipping according to the area according to the weight.

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