Hello Kitty x Nina mew kitty whole pattern Thoth BAG JAPAN limited

Hello Kitty x Nina mew kitty whole pattern Thoth BAG JAPAN limited

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Weight: 950g

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★Beautiful woman variety of flowers publication item★
Blog introduces Darvish lawn Eiko♪

Hello Kitty collaboration
Kitty whole pattern Thoth BAG

Nina mew

-Charr departure - gone on a day

I pursue it in the Kaai いを watches of the night of adult and use silk and Angola for material.
"I am pretty simply because an adult wears it"
The cute color that I want to wear when I open the door of the ember even if I take it.

DEPARTURE does not mean only that I go on a trip.
I live for our DEPARTURE whim. But. I live for love.
Trip place to aim at simply because it is such a girl….

The way which we walk without being over. Unknown. Rise.
Collection in the fall and winter of Nina mew where I was born I put many dreams, and to realize it.
A certain love items, it are DEPARTURE…?

[item characteristic]

The Kitty collaboration second that was a very popular & size reaction last time!

Nina of the Nina mew director is famous for a Kitty enthusiast★

The latest item which was made such Nina this time!

In popular Thoth BAG which a celebrity loves

A whole pattern print of cute Kitty whom world FAN loves is ON!!

There is not that I looked until such cute design now★

It is attention degree NO1 item for plentiful presence!


Size F [adjustable size]
-35cm in width -25cm in height gusset -18cm handle rise -14cm
Color WH [white]
Material [dress material] 100% of cotton
[the ground] soft leather
[lining] 100% of polyester
Weight Approximately 900 g
Country of origin CHINA
Pocket The inside: Pocket *1 with *2 open pocket fastener

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

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2.International e-packet
3.International e-packet light.
You can confirm it from this about the shipping according to the area according to the weight.

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