Samantha Thavasa × Hello kitty wallet

Samantha Thavasa × Hello kitty wallet

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Item Description

Wallet of Samantha Thavasa of popular Kitty collaboration

item informetion

Brand Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice
Product explanation Samantha Thavasa X Hello kitty Liberty collaboration wallet. 
The design which is Cute where fruit and Kitty were printed♪
The article which the ribbon work that rhinestone & flower was given has a cute.

A function: Snap opening and shutting
The inside: 1 1 billfold card storing coin purse 1

A color: Light beige system
Product state It is with new article-free ※ box 
※There is cotton cloth ヨレ to some extent in PVC coating process of manufacture. In addition, in a property of the material, there is a scratch of the PVC coating of the few degree after the fashion of mind.
After understanding it, please order it. .
[flat put an exact size] 
H7.5 W9.5 D3 (cm)
           ■The some errors, please forgive it
Material Liberty cotton cloth synthetic leather PVC coating
ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

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