Snoopy premium nature diamond watch clock limited 2000 in the world

Snoopy premium nature diamond watch clock limited 2000 in the world

Our Selling Price: US$260.00(tax incl.)

Weight: 1470g


Our Selling Price: US$260.00(tax incl.)


Item Description

It is 2 natural diamond with jewels in Snoopy shining for the platinum finish that 2,000 world limited "Snoopy" official license watch / is beautiful, the position at 12:00! !

スヌーピー プレミアム天然ダイヤ時計
A luxurious clock comes up from super idol Snoopy loved all over the world.
A silhouette of the Snoopy that the platinum finish is beautiful to a face. 2 stones buried a natural diamond in a clockface, too. The premium gem which carved a seal, the Snoopy enthusiast, please get serial number to prove world limitation to camera back.

◆"Snoopy" official license watch
◆2,000 whole world limitation
◆The Snoopy which wins beautiful platinum finish
◆Serial number of the world limitation is containing it to camera back
◆Quartz use made in Japan of the trust
◆Peanut original expression licensed product

A newspaper serialization comics "peanut" known as "the Snoopy" greets 60 from a serialization start on October 2, 2010.
"The peanut" that serialization began with seven American newspapers on October 2, 1950 started as the maker whom the everyday life of children mainly on the Charlie brown was pictured in.
The personality of children came to stand out whenever I repeated a time, and it was with the unique work which had growth, a fantastic, fantasic element to the beagle that the Snoopy which came up as a pet dog of the Charlie brown again was not common.
In addition, the words that author Schulz sent through characters in the life sound through the heart of people many as a message supporting the life and continue still going.


●Materials: Main body /BS (rhodium plating) belt / stainless steel shelter belt / crystal glass, natural diamond
●Size (cm) about 2.4x3x0.8, approximately 45 g in weight
●クウォーツ, everyday life waterproofing, one year guarantee 
●Guarantee card, jewel appraisal, entering serial number with the tool

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

About the shipment of the item, there are 3 following methods.
2.International e-packet
3.International e-packet light.
You can confirm it from this about the shipping according to the area according to the weight.

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